The Fault In Our Stares #BarAThon


“Ow! So much vitriol”, Pooja exclaimed. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Some random bastard of a UBER driver, who drove me once. These Romeos just need a smile from us, to start stalking us.”

“Slow down, Shilpa. Tell me what happened.” Pooja couldn’t resist a juicy bit of gossip.

Shilpa slammed her fist over her iPhone 7. “This is the limit Poo. A week back, I took a UBER from Harsha’s place – Yeah, Stop rolling your eyes. The driver was a sweet guy, or that’s what I thought then. He asked about my job and in my state of inebriation I blurted out where I work and everything.”


“And what? The past seven days have been hell, absolute hell. The guy has been messaging me, wishing ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good evening’ and ‘Good night’. And not to mention the fuck all forwards. Dude, He’s cyber-stalking me. What do I do?”

“You go to the Police, that’s what you do. Varun’s uncle is a Sub-Inspector, let’s go talk to him.”

“Who’s Varun, Poo?”

“He’s the flavor of the month, sweetheart. Now shall we go to the Police Station?”

Varun’s uncle was a no-nonsense cop, who took such cases very seriously. With Shilpa’s consent, the Police laid a trap to lure the UBER Romeo. A few casual SMS’s and Whatsapp messages later, the guy was desperate to meet her in person.

The rendezvous was set at the famous park at the city center. Shilpa and Pooja were there half an hour before the scheduled time. At exactly 5:00 PM the guy strolled into the park. He was formally dressed in a light blue shirt and a brown trouser. He had in his hand what seemed like an envelope.

“Oh ho! So Mr. Romeo turns up with a love letter. How very original!”, Pooja spat into the rose bushes nearby.

“Hello, madam. How are you?”, His voice was quivering.

“What do you want? Why have you been messaging me continuously?”

“To give you this madam. Please go through it. It is a matter of life and death for me”, He offered the envelope. It was a plain white envelope and it apparently contained more than one sheet of paper in it.

Pooja sniggered, “Looks like our Romeo has written a complete love story.”

“Please take this madam”, He couldn’t meet her eye.

At that exact moment, three burly police constables in plain clothes surrounded the guy. One snatched the letter from his hand and the other two started to administer a severe beating on him.

Shilpa screamed, “You bastard. Just because a girl talks freely, doesn’t give you the right to start stalking her. I will make sure I will put you behind bars for eve-teasing and harassment.”

The guy didn’t or rather couldn’t say anything. All that escaped from his mouth were pitiful whimpers of pain.

The Police constable who had the envelope opened it and straightened the sheets of paper, “Let’s read what the rascal has written. Here, I’m not good in English.” He gave the letter to Shilpa.

Shilpa took the letter with shaking hands. She glanced at the words printed top and center in bold letters.





  1. Oops! I had a doubt that’s it’s probably something she left back in the cab which he wanted to return. Men are mostly at a disadvantage but they may not always be wrong


    1. He might have easily turned out to be a creep. But my take is just one possibility when even an innocent intent might be taken in the wrong sense because of general behavior of others in the driver’s situation.
      Thanks for visiting. Cheers, Varad

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes we do go overboard trying to please someone, not really realizing that we are just making a big nuisance of ourselves. Thanks for the comment and I’m very sorry for the delayed acknowledgement. Cheers, Varad


  2. Interesting read. How easily we assume things in our daily life, but our experiences has taught us such instinct. 🙂


    1. Yup. The deck is usually stacked against us guys. But it’s mostly our fault as well. Most good guys suffer because of the few (well not few) rotten apples. Thanks for reading and the comment. Cheers


  3. Interesting perspective. I was wondering where the story was going. Poor guy. Not all of them are bad after all, but some do pay the price of the general perception of the “male” gender.


    1. Not all guys are bad, that doesn’t necessarily equate to not all guys are good. But, it’s the stigma associated with guys with ‘certain’ backgrounds that I wanted to touch upon. Cheers


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