Rick sipped his drink. Morty sat opposite to him with a sigh.

Rick arched an eyebrow, “Is it done?”

“Yup. Gimme a sip, willya?”

Rick passed over a straw, “So how many?”

“Five biggins, Ten tinies and one devil.”

Morty took a big sip, making disgusting slurping noises.

“Cut that out, wouldya! You sure they all frozen?”

“Sure are. Now, where’s my payment?”

“Proof before the pudding, my friend”, Rick put out a skinny paw.

Morty rooted around in his pocket and produced a photo with a flourish.

“There. Where’s my pudding?”

Rick studied the photo intently. The only noise came from Morty’s slurping.

“Hot damn! You did bag all the aliens, Morty. And the Devil too.”

Morty just grinned.

“What are those? Monkeys?”

“Alien mutants. Some cross between monkeys and puppies. I named them ‘Muppies’.”

“And what’s the damn deer doing on the roof?”

Before he could answer, the toilet stall’s door was wrenched open and two burly attendants grabbed them both.

Dr. Winterburn sighed. St. Laurens Psychiatric Hospital’s walls have seen ‘em all.

Note: This piece of fiction has been written in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFAW) hosted by Priceless Joy here. Image credit to Mark @any1mark66.

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Word Count: 175