The Masterpiece – #Sunday Photo Fiction July 2, 2017

© A Mixed Bag 2011

Miguel emerged from the confines of his small, dank hut. He was sweating profusely. His red eyes and the dark circles around them were in clear contrast to the sliver of smile that was plastered on his face. José Luis, who was tinkering with their rundown old Ford SUV, looked up at Miguel with a question.

“Amigo! You need to sleep.”

“Si, José Luis. But, you need to see my masterpiece first.”

José Luis replaced the spanner in his toolbox and wiped his hands on a piece of cloth he kept nearby. Miguel beckoned him into the hut. Once inside, he waved his hand with a flourish towards the small shelf on the wall. José Luis squinted to get more focus in the dark.

“Esto es exquisito, guey.” José Luis was proud of his friend’s accomplishment. He held the small statue of a Princess with her Dragon crafted by Miguel with reverence. When the others doubted Miguel, José Luis was the one who stood beside him. Now they both were vindicated.

“Chavez will burn with envy, Miguel. This is amazing. The colors, the craftsmanship… wow! And absolutely no odor at all. Brilliant!”

Miguel smiled. Smuggling cocaine had just become easier.

Note: This piece of fiction is in response to Al Forbes’ Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge.

Image credit: A mixed bag 2011.

Word Count: 200

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Miguel was exhausted to invent the process. The regular smuggling would, according to him, become easier.


    1. Thanks a ton, James. Just FYI, when you mix pure cocaine with cobalt and hydro chloride and make a mould using a plaster of paris base on a high pressure press, the odor goes off. The sniffing dogs have no chance. Then you can separate the cocaine by immersing the statue in acetone. Never tried it, but knowledge is wealth 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s common to see artists among criminals. When both sides mix, makes a potent combination. Cheers for the read and comment, Varad


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