And I wonder…

I shiver with anticipation. It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face to the public. I would have loved to come out, have a drink now and then. But, I’ve been very busy. I own this awesome property down-under and business has been blazing recently. The waiting list to enter is unbelievable. I’m surprised. That’s why I’m coming up. There were talks about some nuclear war, in the queue. I surface onto scorched earth. The ashes fall lightly on me.

Note: This work of fiction is in response to YeahWrite’s Microprose challenge.

Word Count: 81



  1. I like the idea you’ve gone with here, but I’m not sure the “Business is so great…that’s why I’m coming up.” fits with the piece. I was left wondering why he would come up if business was so great? I think something there should be adjusted.


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