Photo courtesy –  A Mixed Bag

“Did you know, this pub was established in 1365?” Stu Hall, our wonderful host, and De-facto guide announced. Nafisa and I nodded mutely, still dumbstruck by the magnificence of the Dover Castle.

Stu had walked ahead to the entrance of the quaint little pub really close to the castle.

“Come on in, Bruv. Let’s grab a quick bite in here. They make a mean roast here.”

Stu was my colleague and friend in London. My wife, Nafisa, had moved here last week. To welcome her, he and his girlfriend Vanessa had suggested that we visit Dover over the weekend.

We entered the White Horse Inn and took our seats in a corner. The place had autographs from swimmers who had successfully crossed the English Channel. On the wall behind Stu, someone had signed ‘Viva Mexico, Cabrones’. I chuckled and explained to Nafisa that they had signed ‘Long live Mexico, Assholes.’ Her mortified look made us all smile.

We were going over the menu when a shadow fell over the table. A couple of teenagers hovered in an apparent state of inebriation.

“Hey, Mrs & Mr. Shithole! Why don’t you get the fuck outta our country?

We lowered our heads.

NOTE: This piece of fiction has been written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Al Forbes.

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Word Count: 197