BREXIT – #Sunday Photo Fiction, July 9 2017


Photo courtesy –  A Mixed Bag

“Did you know, this pub was established in 1365?” Stu Hall, our wonderful host, and De-facto guide announced. Nafisa and I nodded mutely, still dumbstruck by the magnificence of the Dover Castle.

Stu had walked ahead to the entrance of the quaint little pub really close to the castle.

“Come on in, Bruv. Let’s grab a quick bite in here. They make a mean roast here.”

Stu was my colleague and friend in London. My wife, Nafisa, had moved here last week. To welcome her, he and his girlfriend Vanessa had suggested that we visit Dover over the weekend.

We entered the White Horse Inn and took our seats in a corner. The place had autographs from swimmers who had successfully crossed the English Channel. On the wall behind Stu, someone had signed ‘Viva Mexico, Cabrones’. I chuckled and explained to Nafisa that they had signed ‘Long live Mexico, Assholes.’ Her mortified look made us all smile.

We were going over the menu when a shadow fell over the table. A couple of teenagers hovered in an apparent state of inebriation.

“Hey, Mrs & Mr. Shithole! Why don’t you get the fuck outta our country?

We lowered our heads.

NOTE: This piece of fiction has been written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Al Forbes.

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Word Count: 197


  1. I was smiling at the beginning of this as you have certainly done your homework on it. I have been in there three times. Once on my son’s 18th, once on my daughter’s 18th, and then with a woman when I (briefly) decided to start dating again.

    Your description brought back the memories of the walls and ceiling with all the times on it. A shame that their day was ruined by some racist grunts.

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    1. I did my homework alright. One zoom into the inn’s name and then it was trawling through the plethora of photos on their Facebook page. Quite a treasure trove that.

      As I had mentioned before in the comment section, this was inspired by true life events that happened to my friend in London. I know the topic wouldn’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but this is also a tale that has to be told.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your memory and the nice comment. And most certainly for hosting this lovely challenge.



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    1. As the great bard, James Hetfield, once said – ‘Sad but true’. The thing is this is not just happening in US and the UK, but almost everywhere. Outsiders have always been ostracized. Xenophobia prevails. Thanks for the kind comment, Suzanne. Cheers, Varad

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    1. The sad thing is that the ones who involve in most of the hate crimes don’t even understand the issues or the situations properly and when you add alcohol into the mix, it becomes a nasty combination.

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    1. That’s how these things usually happen – abrupt and from completely unexpected places or persons. As I mentioned before, this was inspired by the incident that my friend faced in London tube station. He was walking with his British colleagues when out of nowhere he was abused by a passing group.


  2. Powerful words here, wow… I love how abrupt you’ve made the abuse seem; because it’s not normal so shouldn’t be expected 😦 Overall, a lovely take on the prompt – thank you for sharing it!

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    1. That’s the whole point about hate, isn’t it? It can come outta nowhere and from complete strangers as well. For every Stu and Vanessa, there are these sorta haters in the world. Thanks for the comment. Cheers, Varad

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  3. You obviously did your homework. When I was on the White Horse Pub’s Facebook page, I saw a post from a woman who wrote that she and her husband had just visited Dover Castle and she rewarded his patience by stopping in the White Horse for a pint. The pub seems a terrific site to write quite a number of interesting tales. Yours surprised me at the end, so well done.

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    1. Haha I did do my homework James. The Spanish bit about Mexico is really there on the White Horse Inn’s walls. The place does gives great opportunities to write in different genres. Cheers, Varad

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  4. There used to be a joke that God made up for putting all the world’s beauty in France by populating the place with French people. I think Britain could give it a run for its money. The idea to blame foreigners for the loss of jobs comes from the corporations who engineer the situation, an age-old tactic to keep the disenfranchised at one another’s throats instead of looking toward their real oppressors. It worked in the American south and it is working in Britain as well.

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    1. I hear you! Almost exclusively all the conflicts in the world have a political or economical gain as the reason. It’s only the common man who gets tossed around.

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    2. Sometimes I am disgusted to be British because of the way foreigners are treated. I have a friend who fled Idi Amin’s tyranny long ago, and a teenager was yelling at them telling them they had stoolen his job. The response from a customer was perfect. “How could they have stolen YOUR job when they have been running this place for more years than you have been alive”.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. This was inspired by a real life incident that happened to my friend. Some times these sorta incidents make me feel that we are regressing in evolution.


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