Ana Maria looked forlornly into the bustling street. A faulty tube light blinked inside her one-room apartment intermittently illuminating the occupants. Her two-year-old daughter, Nidia, slept soundly on a blanket on the floor. Her son, Alejandro was outside working.

The sound of the TV being unmuted broke her reverie and she turned to face her visitors. As expected, it was Walter who was now engrossed in an old fútbol game. She knew fully well the purpose of their visit. That was the main reason she had sent Alejandro out. Little Nidia suddenly woke up and started crying.

Andres coughed and looked at his mother, Valeria, an intimidating seventy-year-old woman. Valeria limped towards the child, picked her up and started making soothing noises. Ana Maria understood. She had no other choice. Especially after her husband, Duvan was killed by the Police while running heroin for Andres. They had debts to repay.

“Forget Alejandro, Mama! I start at La Piscina tomorrow”, she said with determination.

Downstairs, outside the building numbered 16-38, Alejandro was busy painting the door blue. He would be paid 200 Pesos by the owner for the job. He hoped his mother would be proud of him.

NOTE: This is written for ‘What Pegman Saw’ challenge.

La Piscina is a very famous brothel in Bogota, Columbia.

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2 thoughts on “Responsibilities – What Pegman Saw

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Rochelle. The bright yellow and blue facade of the building and the derelict upper floors gave me the inspiration to write this one. Cheers, Varad


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