“Stupid geeks bothering after bloody penguins

They don’t know what’s at stake!

The world is nearing its end

And all these idiots care about is fricking penguins mating

All these useless eco-warriors care about is the nature

There are bigger things at stake

I’ll show them how it’s done.”

Troy opened his rucksack and took the book of ancient seers out. He will bring upon the apocalypse onto these undeserving morons.

He scraped the solid, unforgiving ice to form the symbols. He opened the exact page and started chanting.

“akh bert klaph ist kwan… bey usd dokh rilam jhan..”

The earth shuddered

Emily burst into his tent

“Troy, you moron! Pack the eff up. We need to leave.”

Troy just smiled

“Why are you smiling, you idiot? Mt. Terror is going to erupt. It’s time to haul ass.”

“I don’t think it’s global warming Em, we brought it upon ourselves”

Note: This piece of fiction is written in response to What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman takes us to Cape Crozier, Antartica.

Many thanks to whatpegmansaw.com for this week’s challenging prompt.

Word Count: 150