Faith – Sunday Photo Fiction July 16


“Matthew 16:18”, the stranger murmured. The real-estate agent scratched his head. He didn’t understand this stranger clad in shoddy clothes and sporting a scraggly beard. He wondered if he had made the right decision in coming out with this apparent lunatic without any backup.

“What are you muttering, man ? Are you interested in this property or not? Don’t waste my time here”, He crowed self-importantly.

“I am indeed interested in this property, my friend. I hope we can draw the paperwork tomorrow?”

“Sure. Just come with a draft for the full amount and we can finalize everything.”

The stranger smiled, “Do tell me this. Why is the owner selling this place at a throwaway price?”

The agent shuffled uncertainly, “Err… This is his grandfather’s property. They say his spirit haunts this place. I hope that doesn’t deter you.”

“Not at all, my friend. In fact, it has furthered my will to own this place.”

“Why? Are you a Shaman or something? Are you into some black magic?”

“No, my good man, I’m nothing of that sort.”

“Then why do you need this dilapidated place?”

The stranger  had a serene look on his face.

“I answered you a while back.”

Many thanks to Al Forbes for hosting the weekly Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge.

Photo credit: Mike Vore

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  1. Googled the reference too cause curiosity got the better of me. Horror, humor, mossad and here the savior himself you seem to be dabbling in different genres each time. Good going!

    Liked by 1 person

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