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Faith – Sunday Photo Fiction July 16


“Matthew 16:18”, the stranger murmured. The real-estate agent scratched his head. He didn’t understand this stranger clad in shoddy clothes and sporting a scraggly beard. He wondered if he had made the right decision in coming out with this apparent lunatic without any backup.

“What are you muttering, man ? Are you interested in this property or not? Don’t waste my time here”, He crowed self-importantly.

“I am indeed interested in this property, my friend. I hope we can draw the paperwork tomorrow?”

“Sure. Just come with a draft for the full amount and we can finalize everything.”

The stranger smiled, “Do tell me this. Why is the owner selling this place at a throwaway price?”

The agent shuffled uncertainly, “Err… This is his grandfather’s property. They say his spirit haunts this place. I hope that doesn’t deter you.”

“Not at all, my friend. In fact, it has furthered my will to own this place.”

“Why? Are you a Shaman or something? Are you into some black magic?”

“No, my good man, I’m nothing of that sort.”

“Then why do you need this dilapidated place?”

The stranger  had a serene look on his face.

“I answered you a while back.”

Many thanks to Al Forbes for hosting the weekly Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge.

Photo credit: Mike Vore

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