On a silent lane in Tel Aviv, two men sat silently inside a parked car. The dashboard clock displayed 16:28

Benjamin lit a cigarette and started to roll down the window when a stern look from Yossi stopped him. Those were not their real names.

Cigarette fumes filled the car’s interior.

Yossi sent a short message using a stolen mobile.

They were all set.


Few more minutes!

Benjamin’s eyes strayed towards the young woman outside. Smiling pleasantly, she knocked on their window miming ‘smoke’.

He nonchalantly rolled the window down and stared into the muzzle of her Uzi Submachine gun.

Mossad knew.

Thanks again to the lovely Rochelle Wisoff – Fields for hosting yet another edition of Friday Fictioneers.

Photo Credit: Kent Bonham

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47 thoughts on “Misstep – Friday Fictioneers

  1. This was well written and full of tension. Well done.
    I live in Australia and most of the time, the world’s trouble spots are a long way from home. I don’t have a personal connection to Israel and so when I got stumped by a prompt a few weeks ago which was set in Israel, I added an Australian girl who got caught in the cross fire: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/one-australian/
    They seem to fit well together.
    xx Rowena

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Rowena. You must be blessed to live in a land far separated from the tensions and atrocities of elsewhere. I would have loved to spend a part of my life in Australia. scratch that… I would prefer to live in a farm on the Otago peninsula. 😀 (Sorry for that. Had to do it 🙂 I’ve not been to Australia but have been to New Zealand and absolutely loved the place) I’ll check your post for sure. Thanks again for stopping by. Cheers, Varad

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      1. Hi Varad,
        We went to New Zealand on our honeymoon almost 17 years ago. It was sooo beautiful and I took 50 rolls of film in 2 weeks. I was concerned that we wouldn’t get back for awhile and went overboard just in case. Now, I’m glad I did, although I did cull a lot of them back a few years ago. There was a lot of repetition.
        Hope you have a great weekend.
        xx Rowena


    1. Mossad always knows. They are the best at what they do. Thanks for a prompt that helped me write about my most favorite secret service in the world (My own country’s RAW comes in a distant second). Cheers, Varad (I’m not sure if I am allowed to use Shalom, so I shall refrain 🙂 )

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