The Loop – Friday Fictioneers


If you are interested in reading an extended version of this story, please head over here.

Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. Whistling, he gelled and slicked his damp hair to a spike. He felt a lump on his head but ignored it. He winked at his reflection in the mirror.

The ancient wall-mounted telephone rang.

No one was nearby. Daksh picked up the receiver.

“Daksh?” a raspy voice queried.

“Yes. Who is this?”

“Don’t speak any further. I’m your future self… You need to escape this place…evil engulfing…only chance…”


Crack! His world went black.

Thursday, 8:02 AM

Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. He felt a lump on his head.

The phone started ringing.



Note: This is written in response to the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Word Count: 100

Image Credit: J. Hardy Carroll

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Dale. If you are getting a headache for reading about the two teeny bumps, how would you feel to read the story in full? Go right ahead and check the full account out. I dare ya…😀

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Esha. I’m working on a longer version of this one. Hopefully it might answer some of the questions. Cheers, Varad


  1. Oh, this is great. Creepy and exciting, wonder how he’ll get out of this time loop. Maybe he meets himself sometime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nicely done. This leaves us wanting so much more – why he’s being hit over the head, how he got out to make the call. I’ll be thinking about this one for hours!

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    1. Hopefully he’ll wise up. And Groundhog Day was an amazing movie. I also remember a Supernatural episode in which Sam is stuck in an infinite time loop and keeps waking up to ‘Heat of the Moment’. Guess these have been tapping the backside of my head subconsciously 😉


  3. Yeek, he needs to get of this fast before that lump becomes a crack. I don’t give much for his chances, though. Love the idea of this! Maybe he needs to tell himself to duck 🙂

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      1. I would love to read a sequal to this story…as a reader I feel you kept me hanging…I want to know what happened next… please take out some time and write a full length fiction on this plot… looking forward😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s our neighbor’s kid’s name. This does have the kck feel but I didn’t think of it while writing. Maybe my subconscious rang me up, I guess 🤔😝 But Daksh has it worser than Karthik, I think.

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