My fingers paint a crimson trail across the piano’s white keys. Closing my eyes, I let Beethoven takeover. As ‘Für Elise’ fills tepid air, I feel a kick inside my stomach. Outside, a lone flower sways in the wind. I hear sirens. ‘You are my Lily’, I murmur.


18 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

  1. My first thought was that she murdered someone and is bloodying the piano in her victim’s house. That first line really drew me in. I was confused that She is pregnant but called an ambulance (sirens)? Was the first line meant to be crimson nail polish maybe?

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    1. Thank you. There are indeed possibilities. I wrote with something in my mind and my wife actually interpreted something completely different and perfectly logical as well.


  2. I love how ambiguous the story is. Is it her blood or someone else’s? Part of me thinks she’s murdered someone and is sitting down to play the piano after the deed is done. Great talking point, Varad!

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    1. Bingo! That’s what I was going for. Though, now I got to know there might be other possibilities as well. Thanks for the nice comment. Cheers, Varad


  3. She is very calm for someone giving birth so dramatically. If my wife goes into panic when she feels any moisture during pregnancy, then your MC has nerves of steel – and I mean it in a good way. The story was told eloquently except for the line of the single flower swaying in the wind. She has her eyes closed, how would she know this? Not sure of the connection either unless it is to justify her calling her baby her “lily”? Good work nevertheless!

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    1. Thank you for a very detailed comment, Josh. I understand that the line about the flower might seem jarring. But I took some creative liberties due to word limit. My take was she opens her eyes the moment she feels the kick in her stomach. I have observed the phenomenon with my wife. Cheers, Varad.
      Ps: I had not written with the scenario of her in the point of delivery. Sirens can be from ambulances and Police vehicles as well 😉


    1. The prompt was to write a 48 word microprose using the color red, sound of piano playing and a single lily. You are 2 in 2 with the blood and the baby. The blood can be hers or someone elses. There is a mention of Sirens also. Now let me know what you can make of it. Cheers, Varad


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