A van came screeching to a halt on the street near the dilapidated building. Twelve men wearing heavy duty gear got down and fanned efficiently into the building. One kept a sign warning that the sidewalk was closed, another grabbed a coil of wire and few started unloading boxes marked ‘Danger – Explosives’.

The vagabond, who usually slept inside the building, noticed the activity from a distance. Even with his brain addled by a cocktail of alcohol and heroin, he noticed the words ‘bin ladin’ on one of their overalls. He immediately called the Police from a payphone and explained the suspicious movements. A war veteran. he smiled with satisfaction to hear the telltale howl of the Police sirens.

A perimeter was set and snipers took their vantage positions. A sergeant used a loudhailer to order the men inside to come out. Few of them came out with raised arms and confused faces. The snipers went into alert mode as a banner was unfurled from the top. It read,

‘Confined Implosion – Proposed site for UKS Bank.’

The construction work had been awarded to the multi-billion dollar Saudi Binladin Group.

The vagabond had to find a new place to sleep.

Many thanks to Al Forbes for hosting yet another edition of Sunday Photo Fiction. Picture credit to J. Hardy Carroll. Find other entries for the challenge here.