Daksh was brought out of his trance by the honey-soaked voice that came floating through. He looked at his visitor. She was drop-dead gorgeous in a red A-line dress that complemented her pale complexion.  His olfactory senses kicked into overdrive by her scent – an intoxicating mixture of perfume and her.

“Well?” She purred seductively, “I will pay you double to find my father’s killer. Will you do it?”

“I can never say no to an attractive woman”, Daksh fished out a pencil. “Can you describe him?”

He started sketching, pausing occasionally to sharpen the pencil.

“What is that?” She pronounced that like zaz. ‘Slavic’, he thought to himself.

He looked at the model Police-box she was pointing.

“Oh, that! A souvenir I picked up from London last year”, He continued sketching.

“Oooh! London! I hear it’s a lovely place.”

“Unfortunately, I was on business.”

“Business, eh?” Her voice came out in a snarl.

“Funny story, I ran into your dad there. Real nice guy, bit snobbish though.”

He tossed the sketch pad to her, “There! Case closed.”

His face stared at her from the sketch.

Her eyes narrowed down to slits as she bared sinister looking fangs.

“Oh! I forgot to mention. The police box is my pheromone detector.”

He got up lazily, brandishing the sharpened pencil.

“Let’s dance.”

Many thanks to Al Forbes for hosting yet another edition of Sunday Photo Fiction. This week’s prompt was particularly challenging as I wanted to stay far away from the intrepid Doctor and his TARDIS. So, I went back to a character I created earlier – Daksh, who has the habit of running into Supernatural and Mythical creatures. To read Daksh’s earlier adventure, please click this link. To read other entries to this week’s challenge, click this one