He intimidates me, makes me feel insignificant. He edits my words, ostensibly improving them . I’m no Milton, but I’m good. He cannot accept it. Percy is a leviathan, but Frankenstein is my baby.



  1. Nice. I especially enjoy the use of the word “ostensibly”. And I really liked that we could figure out the context with just the four proper names you used (including Mary in the title).

    Bit bothered by the comma in “but, Frankenstein”. (the editor in me. sorry…) If you want it because you want the reader to pause, I would suggest: “Percy is a leviathan, but… Frankenstein is my baby.”


    1. We could only wonder. Percy Shelley was already married to Harriet Shelley when he met Mary Godwin. He fell head over heels in love with her and made her fall in love after threatening to end his life (unthinkable now!). He married Mary just a couple of weeks after Harriet committed suicide. He didn’t stick around when his and Mary’s infant daughter died, instead choosing to have an affair with her step-sister. Also it is a well known fact that the Shellys both had creative input in Frankenstein. No one knows, how much was Percy’s as within the first few years of its publication, Frankenstein underwent few changes. These nuggets of information compelled me to write ‘Mary’ doused with liberal creative license. Thanks for the read. Cheers, Varad


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