Pretend – FFfAW 134


He sips his latte slowly, pretending to enjoy it. She knows that there will be a crinkle near his left eye, the same one he always has when he’s disgusted by something. He knows that she’d be smiling her secretive smile now. They both sit amiably in the roadside café, enjoying their companionship.

She opens one eye. “Any time now?”

“Any time.”

She props her Gucci sunglasses atop her coffee glass, strategically positioning it facing the little cobblestoned street. He lazily pulls out a cigarette and lights it. They wait. His right hand rests lightly on the lapel of his jacket, fingers softly running over the lumpy object inside.

“The place is beautiful, right?” Her knuckles are white gripping her tote bag.

He grunts his approval. Soft footsteps approach them.

“Anything else, Senor, Senora?”

“No. Gracias! La cuenta, por favor.”

He pulls out his wallet from inside his jacket and pays the bill. They wear their sunglasses and walk into the crowd chuckling, tapping their sticks in front of them.

Their story would continue during dinner.

Many thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting yet another edition of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and Shivam for providing the prompt for the 134th edition. Read other fascinating entries to this week’s prompt here.

Do you feel that you have written an awesome post, but it hasn’t got the views and comments that it deserves? Do you write posts but do not have a forum to feature them? Would you like to resurrect some of your old favorite writings? Stay tuned for some exciting news. Follow me and my partner in crime Namy on twitter for updates. October 1st isn’t far away. 


  1. I was as much expecting a twist from you Varad- and I must say I loved it. Mine has a twist to- do read it and eager to hear from you. Excited about what Namy and you are upto. I follow her- whats your twitter handle btw

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment, Akshata. I’ll check out your story shortly. As for Namy and I, we are working on something which will hopefully provide an alternate platform for bloggers, poets, and storytellers to exhibit their work without the boundaries of rules, prompts or challenges. Stay tuned for October 1.

      Liked by 1 person

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