United We Stand – Friday Fictioneers


The employees united vociferously against the evil management, fighting for their just cause. The police, paid by the management, used water cannons to disperse the throng in mutiny. With chests jutting forward in proud defiance, the employees made the hose-wielding men shrink.

“Cut”, screamed the director. “Good job, everyone. Let’s finish with the song shoot.”

The owner of the factory smiled. His decision to close down the unit and venture into film production was a masterstroke.

Outside the locked gates, few hundred gaunt men sat on slushy ground. Their feeble protests were drowned by the loudspeakers blaring songs about capitalistic greed.

Wednesday’s here and so is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields with yet another edition of Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Rochelle, our gracious host and J. Hardy Carroll for the prompt. Do you want to participate in Friday Fictioneers? Head right here where you can enter your post and read other unique takes on the prompt. Come on, it’s fun.

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  1. A well-layered story with the separate elements woven in. Some will always succeed on the backs of others…


  2. Hi Varad, I really like this story particularly the way you manage to tell at least 2 ? (maybe 3) stories in such a short story.


  3. Great story. You’ve constructed it well to show how those who have exploit those who work. And what irony to make the film appear to show the workers winning, when in reality they’re sitting in the slush only metres away.
    Strong stuff!

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  4. It’s like let’s snatch the bread from their hands and entice them with cake (the movie) which they cannot afford. Very cruel ! Great but sad twist there.


  5. The ones who made the man what he is today are the ones who suffer most. There was a time when loyalty existed between the employer and employee but not anymore. Hopefully his greed will bite him in the backside and his gaunt employees will be around to see it. Karma is a bitch. Good job.


  6. Well, you’ve captured life in North America very well. We love stories about class struggle, the evils of capitalism, the downtrodden or other years — and be oblivious to the suffering we may encounter today. (Though most of the downtrodden are now working in factories overseas at starvation wages to supply us with cheap stuff.)


  7. This is powerfully written. I have just one question. Wasn’t it “capitalistic greed” when the factory employed all the men sitting outside the gates? I’m not sure I see the difference here, except that what is happening now is for entertainment only.


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