High Hopes! – Friday Fictioneers


Alex smiled at the full moon. She spread a fine batik-print table cloth and laid down her finest cutlery on the table. A delightful aroma came wafting from inside the moored ferry. Her Shrimp Pad-Thai was ready. She poured herself a glass of red and sat down with the papers she had to grade.

Dinner for one!

Ten minutes later, her mobile buzzed once. It was Mr. Stavros who ran a bodega ten miles away.

Alex stopped eating and started cleaning up. She had seven minutes before the Police car passed the ferry.

They haven’t found her squatting yet.

Word Count: 99

Many thanks to our graceful host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for yet another version of Friday Fictioneers. Today’s prompt is provided by Ted Strutz. I recently read an article about Adjunct Professors having to resort to squatting and in one case prostitution because of their low levels of pay. That hard hitting article was the inspiration behind my today’s offering.

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  1. Such an interesting take on the prompt. I liked the way you lulled us with dinner for one before rushing us out of there. Well done.

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  2. She has managed to keep up her standards with the cutlery and so on! It’s amazing that people can do a job like that and still not get paid enough to keep a roof over their head.

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    1. Indeed! There are still some kind hearts out there. But, this story is a figment of my imagination born from a very real situation unfolding out there. My heart goes out to them.

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    1. There are a lot of Alex-s in the real world, Lavanya. It’s rather unfortunate that they have to suffer just because they decided to remain in a profession they love. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. I was lost but reading the reference put the pieces together- that was a disturbing one- but well written as always. I can’t imagine things can get so bad for academicains

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    1. Beyond our rose-tinted windows, there is a real world where such well-qualified people are struggling to make ends meet. Just not in the US, but this is global. I was stunned to read the article I had linked. I just hope things improve. Thanks for the comment, Akshata

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  4. What a horrid situation. Get an education, you’ll get a great job. Right. Obviously, not always. So very sad, Varad. That is disturbing indeed.

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