Reconnect – FridayFotoFiction


Coffee Shop, Nervous greeting, awkward hug, mundane small talk, unsure smiles, the ritual completed they ordered coffee.

She was dressed in a casual white shirt and blue denim. He looked ruggedly handsome in his maroon shirt. The three-day stubble helped, of course.

“You look good,” She twirled a loose strand of hair. “For someone your age.”

“Hey I’m not that old,” He feigned mock indignation and was rewarded with a sparkling laughter that filled his heart.

“The salt amidst the pepper of your beard begs to differ.” Her eyes had a twinkle he last saw many years ago.

“I’m very sorry I couldn’t be there for you and Laya.” He moved his hand, hesitantly, towards her but stopped midway. Awkwardly, he took a sip of coffee.

She placed her soft hand atop his, gripping his knuckles lightly. “It’s ok, Dad. Divorces happen. I’m just glad to see you again.”




  1. Now, now that is one mind blowing plot twist. Another of your masterpieces Varad, beautifully told as always. A very feel good tale indeed.

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    1. Thank you, Akshata. I’m amazed at the emotional maturity of the youngsters these days. My four-year-old has a maturity I didn’t have even when I was maybe ten. Makes our lives easier and harder at the same time.

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    1. Thank you very much, Prasanna. I feel the generation of today has very good maturity levels. They don’t look at the world with the skewed lens of the past.


  2. Such an affectionate tale. Nicely done, Varad. The heroine and Laya seem like well adjusted kids, rarely seen in case of a divorce.


      1. That may be true coz these days both the parents work long hours anyways and they get used to it over time.


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