Reality – FFfAW 136


Gaia looked at the cargo ship leisurely making its way to the pier. The deck of the ship was abuzz with commotion, a veritable beehive.

Gaia remembered standing in the same spot on the cragged road leading up to the port, many years ago waiting for her father, Luisão. He was a Deck Officer on a bulk carrier that sank in the Atlantic ten years ago. The families cried negligence, the media insinuated arson, but the fact was that all thirty of the crew lost their lives that day and Gaia’s dreams of getting out of her small port-town to study medicine sank with her father.

Isabelle, who was standing next to Gaia, shouted with excitement. She had spotted the crew debarking. The girls busied themselves in retouching their makeup. The tendering boat moseyed its way across the bobbly waters of the quay. The crew, already boisterous, jumped into the shallow waters and started wading towards the shore.

Gaia shrugged and fixed a coy smile on her lips. They were her prospective customers, after all.

Priceless Joy hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge. The promp for the 136th challenge has been provided by BarbCT. Thank you PJ and BarbCT. To read other stories for this week’s prompt and to enter your own, head over here.

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  1. Her dreams of being in the medical profession sank with her father who would have provided a launchpad for her ambitions. Sad. Fate is cruel. hope she saves enough to leave this profession.

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    1. It is indeed based on a real story, FP. I met a Merchant Navy officer a few years ago who recounted this particular tale. I might have forgotten the majority of the tale, but the basic story is very similar to this one. I might have changed few things here and there creatively. Thanks for the kind words.

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  2. Wow that is sad. Maybe she can save up enough money to go to school. Might not be medical school, but something better than this. More than one student has put herself through school by working as a stripper.

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    1. Indeed it is possible. When I traveled to Thailand a couple of years back, a massage parlor lady told me that most of the girls in the flesh trade in Thailand save up for their studies or to buy a piece of land in their villages. Once they attain that target, they just pack up and leave the trade for good. Thanks for the comment, James.

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    1. The future might seem bleak for Gaia, but there are instances where people have come back and up from much worse situations. This is based on a real story that happened a few years ago. I hope the girl in that story had a better turn of fortune. Thanks for the comment, Iain.

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