Superhero? – SPF 215


I’m perched atop a 40-storey building, taking in the breathtaking vistas the world underneath offered. The chaos has always fascinated me. Everyone thinks that they are moving in an organized manner, following rules, being disciplined, but from my vantage point up here I can spot the complete disarray they are in. That sums up their lives as well.

Last week I swooped in and stopped a truck that would have plowed into children at a bus stop. The week before, I literally jumped in the line of fire to save the customers of a 7-eleven from a gun-toting robber. I have dragged a drowning amphibious duck tours vehicle ashore, rescued people from burning buildings and even saved kittens from trees.

At first, there was adulation. Everyone rejoiced that they had a superhero amidst them – a guardian angel if you will. They showered me with gratitude and gifts. Designer labels, fancy car, free meals at swanky restaurants, gorgeous girls throwing themselves at me – life was indeed great.

Soon, their irresponsibility became my responsibility. They expected me to right their wrongs. No one cared that I’m dressed in shabby clothes these days; no one asks if I had a decent meal.

I spot a mother walking with her daughter, carrying purchases from Gucci. My X-Ray vision shows that she has nearly five grand in her purse. I do the math in my head. Two second tops.

Maybe, tonight I will dine at the new Greek restaurant after I pay my overdue rent.

Many thanks to Al Forbes for hosting the weekly Sunday Photo Fiction. Find other entries to the 215th edition here.

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    1. The main thing I have noticed in all the Superhero stories is that the common man expects the hero to be there every time one of them goofs up. It’s almost like the Superhero has the job of cleaning up others’ mess. Fail once, and he is castigated. I wanted to explore that particular facet of a Superhero story. Thanks for the comment, Neel.

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