#MicroMondays Edition 3


Welcome to the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays. We had fourteen entries to the 2nd edition ranging from Romantic grannies to romantic Sherlock, from lost toys to lost strawberries. It’s awesome to see the same prompt being interpreted in many different ways.

For the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays we have Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God:1

The prompt is from PAGE: 61 (So the word count for this week is 61, including the prompt ‘VERBATIM’)


The prompt for the 3rd edition is


Get in your 61 word Microfiction with the above prompt used Verbatim.

  1. You know the ones about word count and prompt usage by now.
  2. Tag your post titles with #MicroMondays
  3. Tweet your posts linking with the hosts @VaradharajanR and @Namysaysso and the hashtag #MicroMondays.
  4. Linkup your posts with the inlinkzlink provided.
  5. The linkup will be open till midnight of the 5th. So, hurry up. 🙂
  6. Request your posts be below ‘R’ rating.
  7. Genre no bar. But just to spice up things, future challenges might come up with a genre requirement. 😉
  8. Mild profanity allowed
  9. Read, like, comment and promote your fellow writers’ posts. Sharing is caring.
  10. Enjoy the crazy ride.


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