She! – FFfAW139


They watched her from their usual hiding place near the woods. She was, by far, the most gorgeous woman they had ever set their sights on. Their alcohol addled brains kicked into a lust-filled overdrive.

The five men fanned out and converged upon her, taking her by surprise. Within seconds, they overpowered her and tied her hands behind her back with her own scarf. They dragged her deeper into the woods to a small makeshift shed they had constructed for partaking in their vices.

‘Please let me go,’ the woman begged. ‘These are sacred woods. I’m on my way to the Nagadevtha temple.’

One of her captors sneered, ‘Nagadevtha? You snake-worshipping fools are so easy. You are not the first woman on her way to the temple, we have taken. Obey and you’ll live.’

The woman sighed, ‘Now you’ll pay for your deeds.’

In front of their horrified stares, the woman turned into a 12-foot King Cobra and struck them with her deadly fangs.

With a satisfied look at the dying men, the Nagini slithered towards her temple.

Nagadevtha – A Serpent Deity from Indian mythology 

Nagini – A female Naga with the ability to transform into a great snake like the King Cobra

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the weekly FFfAW challenge. The photo prompt for the 139th edition is from Yarnspinnerr. Please click here to read other entries to the challenge. 

The 3rd edition of #MicroMondays is underway. This week we challenge you to write a 61 word microfiction using the prompt given in the link. Come, join us. It’s fun. 



  1. Ooh! So cool. They fooled with the wrong girl. She actually gave them a chance to back off too. I thought she was a Naga, but wasn’t certain until you confirmed it in the epilogue. Great use of mythology.


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