Duck! – Friday Fictioneers


General Donald ‘Duck’ Trumpet looked at the Genie hovering before him.

‘You have two wishes. Use them wisely.’

‘Make me color- blind.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes! I would be able to see through the camouflages in the battlefield.’


Duck’s wife cursed him on hearing his story.

‘You idiot! You should asked to become the President.’

‘Don’t worry! I have one more wish left.’

He just couldn’t tell which jar was the Genie’s.

His wife continued her cursing, so Duck picked a random jar and flung it at her head. He wasn’t sure if he saw a puff of smoke after the jar broke.

It’s Wednesday and the lovely Rochelle is back with yet another edition of Friday Fictioneers. Write a 100 word piece of fiction to the picture prompt provided by Sarah Ann Hall and you are a Friday Fictioneer. Head right over here to find other entries. 

The 3rd edition of #MicroMondays is open. Come, join us. It’s fun. 



  1. Let’s hope there was no puff and the genie still has one wish to grant. Or maybe the genie knew Duck’s mind better than he did…;)


    1. The poor thing was a non-issue for Duck once the jar hit her. I heard Mr. Duck is looking for a young eastern european beauty for a second wife 😛

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