Broken Dreams – #FridayFotoFiction


The girl didn’t notice my presence as she sifted through the various designer dresses on display in the chic boutique. She crinkled her nose at some, made disparaging comments at a couple and laughed openly at a black and gold A-line dress.

With a disinterested look, she spent the next ten minutes going through the accessories displayed behind the counter. It was clear that shopping was not on her mind.

I decided to step forward,

‘Ma’am, can I help you with anything at all?’

She looked at me with bored eyes.

‘Naah! I’m good.’

She started rooting through the scarves.

‘We have some more new collections…’

‘It’s ok! These are not good at all. Boring and little old-fashioned.’

She walked out of my boutique, like many before her. I sighed and put up the notice I had written weeks ago on the display window.


Word count: 141

Written for the weekly Friday Foto Fiction challenge hosted by Tina and Mayuri

Also linking up with NanoPoblano 2017. Vanara-puri tales will be back on Monday. 


  1. Businesses shutting down is a sad reality. Consumer choices have become extremely dynamic that it’s a task for the small or new retailers to cope with the same. It takes so much in commencing a business and nothing to shut down. Plight of numerous business persons today.
    Great take, Varad. Loved it. Very different.


  2. Ohh ohh, I don’t likes businesses closing ever! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction.


  3. I really like how you conveyed the sadness of the situation, even with the big loud prompt shouting out “Everything Must Go!” like it is a positive thing. I really felt for the shop owner and their plight. Appealing to consumers needs with so much choice available in modern times can be so difficult. At least small businesses can focus on niches but then that might not be enough to pay their bills. All in all, an excellent piece that stirs up many emotions in my mind.


  4. I loved your take on the prompt, Varad. Made me wonder if the apparel on display was not up to the mark or was it just finicky shoppers that caused the store to close.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

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    1. There is no one particular reason for the failure of a business like restaurants or boutiques. Anything might go wrong or right. There are just too many variables at play. Unfortunately, for my MC just about everything went wrong. Thanks for the nice comment, Mayuri and the fun prompt.


  5. You captured the moment well. There’s always a last straw, but it’s a pity that she’s given up. Perhaps she needs to move on or attract the right customers who might like vintage clothing.

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    1. Sometimes, it’s better to take a step back, recoup and then charge ahead instead of trying to blunt force your way through a stubborn obstacle. Thanks for the comment, Luccia.


    1. Unfortunately, it’s true. I have seen a lot of new businesses started with dreams and hopes only to crumble to dust. Thank you for the kind words, Meha.


    1. So true! I’ve seen many a boutique, cafe, bookshop, novelty shop close down because of various factors like location, pricing, disconnect with target audience etc… Thanks for the comment, Anagha

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      1. Well that was my interpretation- I looked at it in the way the stuff had become obsolete and thats why he was shutting shop. There could be more than one ways of interpreting a story, isn’t it?

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    1. Her blunt dismissal of the boutique owner’s collection was the final nail in the coffin after an extended spell of no-success (didn’t want to use the word failure)

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      1. Both arguments have merits. There was an obvious disconnect with the target audience and hence there weren’t much takers for the collection on display.

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