The Important Stuff.

I close the door shut and plop down on the couch with a sigh. Loosening my necktie, I close my eyes and stretch backward to work out the kinks in my tired body. I take a hot shower, fix myself a glass of single malt and stand on the balcony of my tastefully decorated penthouse apartment.

The city bustles its way through yet another day. I have a smile plastered on my face. Afterall, it’s not everyday one gets a $ 3 Million bonus. I send Sergio, my driver, to pick up my dinner from Bar Masa. At $ 240, the Masa Toro is what one might say very expensive, but I’m in the mood to celebrate.

I have achieved a lot in the last decade. My blood, sweat, and tears stand testimony to my triumph. My social life is nonexistent, but that’s ok.

I check my mobile for updates. There are over 20,000 unread messages in my old school gang’s WhatsApp group. On a whim, I open the group for the first time in years. There are random forwards and birthday greetings. I was about to close the app when I see the picture one of my best friend of then had posted. It showed him and his family enjoying a traditional meal served on plantain leaves. His grandfather was feeding my friend’s three year old. 

The intercom buzzes. Sergio is back with my dinner. I realize that I have lost my appetite.


  1. What a story! He has gone from being the richest person to the poorest person in the blink of an eye. Money cannot buy happiness, it can only rent experiences that will never be as priceless as the really important things in life, especially friends and family.


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