The Prophecy – FFfAW141


“What is it?” Malcolm Butcher, the Director of the Department for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (DETI), frowned at the mud covered rock.

“Tangible proof that our work hasn’t gone to waste, Sir.” Bud Mahoney, an overweight researcher, stammered in excitement.

“Do you have concrete proof that this rock is alien?”

“Absolutely, Sir. The top coating of mud is of our planet but the grain structure of the rock and the metallurgy reports show without doubt that this is alien.”

“What about the markings?”

“Carbon Dating places the markings at nearly 5000 years old, Sir. Linguistics are working on translation as we speak.”

At that moment, a linguistic expert came bursting in.

“We’ve cracked the code, Sir. You should see this.”

The land of the living will be attacked by tall, evil creatures who would come from the sky…

“My God! This is a prophecy of some sort.” Butcher gasped.

“That’s not all, Sir. According to the markings, the prophecy would come true in exactly three years.”

—-Three years later—-

The combined nuclear forces of Earth destroyed the distant planet of Kylnoria. The prophecy did come true.

Written for the 141st edition of FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy. Picture credit: Any1Mark66. Please click here to view other entries to the challenge. 

The 5th edition of #MicroMondays is now open. Come, join us. It’s fun 🙂


  1. What a fine mess, the Kylnoria’s were planning to show us how to remove the massive pollution from earth.😉


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