100 days of Eden! – FFfAW 143


‘If you serve these bloody Sea Urchins one more time, I’d have to seriously consider cannibalism as an option,’ Jamie snarled.

‘What are you saying? These are heavenly.’ Jimmy slurped his approval.

‘Can’t you catch a bloody mackerel or a snail? 100 days of Sea Urchin is not what I signed up for mate.’

‘Sea Urchins are easy to pick, and they can be eaten raw. So, there. Need another helping?’ Jimmy ignored Jamie’s disgusted expression.

‘I hate this island. Look at the sunset. Ain’t it glorious? I should be enjoying the scene with a beautiful girl and not with your ugly mug here.’

‘It’s not all that bad, Jamie. We’re still human. I wouldn’t have preferred to be a zombie. Zombie’s cannot enjoy these Urchins, neither can they have sex.’

‘I’ve not been enjoying these infernal urchins, and I’m most definitely haven’t been having sex.’

Above them, a shadow passed by. Jamie looked slack-jawed at the huge balloon with its prominent ‘Project Loon’ insignia.

‘Salvation!’ screamed Jamie. ‘Jimmy get my cell phone.’

‘Can anyone locate us through our GPS position?’

‘Screw that! I need to get on Tinder pronto!’

This is a continuation of an earlier story I wrote for FFfAW 126. To read that story, please click here

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the weekly FFfAW series. Today’s prompt is from Footie and Foodie. Please click here to read other entries. 

I’m hosting a weekly microfiction challenge called #MicroMondays. This week, we’ve set the toughest challenge for you. Please click here to participate. 




  1. Sounds like Jamie’s at the end of his tether! Let’s hope they’re rescued soon. BTW I’m not sure they’d see a Project Loon balloon, which would be ‘on the edge of space’ as Wikipedia puts it! But I’m just nit-picking. Sorry!


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