Cleaning up my closet – Friday Fictioneers


‘Luisa! Do you have a pair of gloves I could borrow? It’s a bit nippy outside.’

‘Sure. Just check in the closet.’

‘Whoa!’ Mark blanched. ‘What exactly do you have in your closet.’

‘Oh! Just stuff which I don’t have any use for.’

‘Babe, your closet reeks something evil. Should I get rid of some junk?’

‘Naah! I’ll do it. Did you get the gloves?’

‘Oh my God! Anna!’

Mark stared dumbfoundedly at his paramour’s corpse lying inside the closet. Luisa walked in brandishing a carving knife.

‘You really shouldn’t have cheated on me, Mark.’

Word Count: 95

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by our gracious host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Please find other entries to this week’s prompt here


  1. She really wasn’t a woman to be crossed. Now what’s she going to do with two bodies? Does this closet have a false back? 😉


  2. Oh My Gawd!!! this can be made into a wonderful short film..spine chilling and shocking…it started off like an innocent story but the twist at the end is just tooooo good..I am already seeing the prospect of turning this into a screenplay.. Varad Sci-Fi and crime thriller are your forte..write more on this genre please..would look forward to read them.


  3. Dear Varad,

    So Iain took my “skeleton in the closet” comment. At any rate, I’d say that Mark’s about to pay dearly for his infidelity. So much for gloves. Good one.




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