The Thermos – Friday Fictioneers


pic credit: Dale Rogerson

‘Thanks for meeting me,’ She tugged at the lapels of her thick woolen coat with nervous fingers.

‘What do you want now?’ His words were colder than the wind.

‘Here, I’ve got something for you.’ She showed him the object in her right hand.

‘Oh God! Your bloody thermos again? What’s in it this time? Coffee? Tea?.’

‘This time it’s different.’ She removed the lid, pulled out the ice-dagger and in one swift motion plunged it deep into his heart.

She walked away, the memories of him and his abuse melting faster than the dagger.

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wissoff – Fields


  1. I am tempted to write “Justice is done” here but will refrain since its flash fiction without a back story. Nicely written, Varad!

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      1. I think it’s a difficult question. There are different kinds of killings. I suppose it depends on whether you believe in the greater good.

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  2. Excellent idea, a vanishing murder weapon, though I found myself pontificating how you would pull an ice dagger from a thermos. I see now how it can be done…

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    1. Thanks. The blog’s name came to me when I was thinking about a name and I realized I was tugging the loose end of a thread from my pillow case. So I thought why not! 😀

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    1. Absolutely! whatever justification we can give will never be enough. But hey, we are humans afterall … the most defective pieces of work in the universe.

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    1. The more we, humans, progress the more we regress. We’ve been plagued by the same old issues of hate, greed, jealousy albeit neatly packaged in new shiny formats.

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