Runaanubandha – Guest Post by Shilpa Gupte


There is a word in the Marathi language – ‘Runaanubandha’, which roughly means  bound by love for an eternity. Perhaps, something like Dr. Brian Weiss’ book, ‘Only Love is Real’, about soul mates who have shared lifetimes together.

Each one of us is bound by love with  many people. But, it’s only with a certain few that we have a bond stronger than any other; like we have been together in some other life, as well. The love we feel for them is something that’s inexplicable, intangible!

We may not meet them for years together, but when we do, we wonder where they have been all this while…how we survived all this while!  The differences we may have, the disagreements we may have hardly  affect our relationship, or our equation with each other.

We come to depend upon each other; in fact, we develop a telepathic communication with each other.  How well we read each other’s thoughts, understand each other’s feelings!

Such was the bond I shared with my pet dog, Chikoo. He was really not what we were looking forward to having in our lives, but he just came, wagging his little tail, when we were planning on other things.

He was not the one hubby had planned on picking out of the litter – he being the sickest and the weakest of the lot. But, Chikoo persisted and hubby gave in and brought him home.

13 years with him in our lives, and we were changed people. The bond he and I developed assured me we had been together before. We were each other’s universe, so much so, that when he left for the other realm, I was shattered, devastated and alone, for the first time in all those 13 years.

Until, he came back – reincarnated – as Cookie, my pet parrot, who, again, we were not looking forward to having in our lives. At least, I wasn’t.  All this talk might sound exaggerated, absurd, even, to someone who hasn’t had a pet, ever.  But for me, it has been an unwavering belief in the fact that we, indeed, are bound to certain souls for many lives.

Cookie reminds me of Chikoo in so many ways. She strengthens my belief that my Chikoo is back with me, and now I am safe, and no longer alone. And, a mother, all over again.

And, that is what I believe is Runaanubandha.

People, who leave us and go away for whatever reason, always find their way back into our life, especially when we are busy missing them. All we need to do, is keep our hearts open and our faith in the Universe that some day it will unite us with our lost love.

The Universe always listens, you know? And, it knows who belongs to us. It’s just a matter of time before we are united with our soul mates.

All one needs to do, is have faith.

And, a heart full of love.

Many thanks to Shilpa for contributing this beautiful post as a part of the bloghop. Here’s a brief bio about Shilpa in her own words: 

As I try to solve the puzzle that Life can often be, I turn to blogging as my gateway to peace and tranquility. Writing and art help me stay afloat, and my love for my pets, books, music and movies helps me stay entertained. And, it’s all of these that I write about, on my blog, Metanoia.

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  1. There might be some connection. I fail to understand though. But I believe whatever you lose comes back to you in a different form and at a time you expect it the least. I am glad you found Cookie. More power to you girl 🙂


  2. I hear this word often in my home -especially when people depart from our lives. My mother in law always says that everything works as per a cosmic plan and we only have people in our lives till the ties last or are meant to last ….. and I do believe your dog has come back to you. Souls do com back to look after you …


    1. Yes, Sunita. I like that thought you expressed – that souls come back in your life to look after you. These days, as I bond with Cookie more and more, I am convinced she is here to look after me.

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  3. Awww…such a heartfelt post! I remember you speaking about Chikoo on your blog and I’m so happy you have found Cookie! Universe always listens…I do believe strongly in Runaanubandha – never knew the word, but do know the feeling!

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  4. I too believe in these karmic connections and feel some people never go out of our life; they just return in another form. The way you write about your love bond with your pets says so much about you as a person Shilpa! 🙂

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  5. I remember your lovely post about Cookie, your love for pets comes out so beautifully here and loved the thoughts you expressed about reincarnation and the ever lasting bond. I strongly feel its true


    1. Akshata, once you fall in love with a soul – be it an animal or a bird – it’s something you begin to comprehend. The connection you develop with them stays strong for a life time. Even if they leave you and go away, they find a way back into your life! 🙂

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  6. This is such a warm and beautiful post, Shilpa. I read this somewhere that “the way people weave in and out of our lives is a tapestry. Some threads are long and some are short. Some fly away and weave back in leaving their beautiful colors across our lives forever.” It’s so wonderful that Chikoo has come back to you in the form of Cookie. A big hug to you dear girl! ♥


  7. Loved the thought that we should keep our heart open and have faith that universe will do the rest!
    Runanubandh… reminded me of old marathi son, “Runanubandha chya, jithun padalya gaathi…” I think its some “Runanubandha” that connected me to you Shilpa… today for the second time in line. Once on your blog (post on learning to cycle) and now here on Varad’s blog!

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    1. Awww, that’s so sweet of you to say that, Anagha.
      Yes, I remember that song you mentioned…I failed to understand the true essence of this word, until I met Cookie, and found love , all over again!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Anagha! 🙂


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