Romantic – Friday Fictioneers


‘What’s that?’

‘That’s the sigil of House Flormont. Actually, their history is very interesting.’


‘Yeah! The Lady Marguerite of House Flormont once hosted a great tourney to find herself a suitor. They called her ‘Wildflower’ because she was as wild as she was beautiful. Many a suitor vied for her hand, only for her to spurn everyone.’


‘A mystery knight won the tourney and her heart by sporting a yellow wildflower as his sigil. She took him as her husband and the wildflower as her house’s sigil.’

‘That is so romantic.’

‘Yeah. Well she poisoned him two days later and a dozen more after him.’

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. This week’s photo prompt is from Sandra Crook. Please find other entries to this week’s challenge here.

The 9th edition of #MicroMondays is still open. Do check it out and join us.



  1. Lady Marguerite reminds me of a combination Black Widow and Praying Mantis. The Knight paid a high price for two days of marriage. She must have been powerful to get away with all those murders. The other husbands must have been pretty dumb to not wonder why her previous husbands died one after the other. Good writing, Varad. 🙂 — Suzanne


  2. Ha ha, I love the stories that don’t turn out as planned, especially the romances. Seems like she’s a powerful woman who does whatever she wants — but hm, makes you wonder what the second, third, etc. guy was thinking!

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