Covfefe – #MicroMondays 11

They said the ozone layer deteriorated so fast that Antarctica melted in a year. Australia went down under. There are people on streets with skin cancer. My daughter, the old cow, placed the blame for everything squarely on my decisions regarding climate change.

Then I started thinking about the butterfly effect.

I shrug!

As usual, it was all Chinese propaganda.

Bloody Covfefe!

Word Count: 62

Written for #MicroMondays 11


  1. Hi Varad, I’ve been missing MicroMondays. Are you planning on running them any longer? They’re clever and fun to participate in and I’ve enjoyed reading so many other writers’ takes on the same prompts.
    Just wondering,

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    1. Hello Effie, Thanks for writing. I had suspended MicroMondays due to the year end and also I was a bit busy work wise. We will be back next week. Cheers, Varad

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