‘Ironic isn’t it?’ Mal spat. ‘You, an entomologist, killed by a spider.’

Her husband, Godfrey, lay thrashing at her feet – eyes scrunched shut and foam trickling from his babbling lips.

Phoneutria fera – Brazilian Wandering Spider. Did you recognize it as it bit you?’ She turned and picked her bag. ‘I’ll let you be. Godspeed!’

Mal smiled. Vic would be waiting.

Godfrey coughed, ‘Amateur mistake! What bit me was Nephila clavipes – The Banana Spider. Looks similar. Anyways, I had switched the nameplates.’

He spat out white goop, stood up, and flung something on her blouse.

Mal screamed as the Phoneutria fera climbed her neck.

Written in response to the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. This week’s prompt is from Victor and Sarah Potter. Please read other entries and add your own here.


57 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Something tells me the earlier chapters in their relationship were pretty dark and dismal, for them to end up here. Godfrey can’t even claim self-defense, since he set her up and then attacked even when she was unarmed. Well, he wins, but ew, hard to cheer for either side in this ugly battle!

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