Skeletons – friday fictioneers



Krish pointed the derelict house to his wife Mita, ‘I spent a lot of time here than in my own house when I was a teenager.’


‘I have no idea. I used to come here straight after school to see Sheela-aunty.’

‘’Was she related?’

‘No! Her husband, Govind, worked for my dad. He was one ugly dude and a drunkard. Mom used to wonder how Sheela-aunty ended up with him.’

‘Was she beautiful?’

‘She was gorgeous.’

‘You had a crush on her,’ Mita teased. ‘Is she still around?’

‘No. Govind killed her, accusing her of having an affair.’

‘Did she?’

Krish walked away.

Picture credit – Sandra Crook

Written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. Please find other entries here


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