Muthu considered the reports and the accompanying photographs. ‘Let’s do a sample dig immediately.’

‘Muthu, will we have any luck this time?’ Sannasi, the village elder, voiced the question that was choking in everyone else’s throats.

‘Hopefully, ayya!’ Muthu picked his mobile phone and made arrangements for the sample dig. ‘I’m feeling positive.’

Sannasi smiled a toothless grin. Smiles were rare these days in M.Puthur. The last water source of the village had dried thirteen months ago, and they were no closer to a new source. People of M.Puthur had to travel fifteen kilometers to the nearby villages for water. But, Muthu, one of their own had become their savior.

The whole village assembled at the spot of the sample dig the next day. Muthu started collecting samples. By the time he ventured out of the tent with a grimace, they had guessed the result.

They walked back to their houses, dejected and pondering their futures in the village.

Muthu waited for half an hour before texting a single word – SUCCESS.

The site had abundant ground-water resources. The beverage company would make him a millionaire.

Word Count: 175

Many thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the weekly FFfAW. This week’s picture prompt is from Yinglan. Please read other entries here


12 thoughts on “Water

  1. I read a story the other day about a city in South Africa which will totally run out of water by April, even with severe rationing. A long drought has wiped out their only water source and there seems to be no answer for the thousands who will be without an absolute necessity of life.


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