Hopes and Dreams


Anna*, how much for the Cricket Ganesha?’

I looked at the boy. He was dressed in cricket-whites and carried a kit-bag.

‘Hundred rupees,’ I answered curtly. Kids did not make good customers.

‘I have only fifty,’ His voice fell.

I rolled my eyes, ‘Get another fifty if you want it.’

‘Do you have a smaller idol?’

‘No. Now, don’t disturb me.’

‘Can I give you the balance tomorrow?’


‘Anna, please. I have State Under-13 selection tomorrow. Grandpa told me if I prayed to Cricket Ganesha, I will get selected.’

I smiled sarcastically, ‘Playing gets you selected, not praying.’

‘I play well Anna. I have hit five centuries for the districts. My name has come in the papers.’

I wrapped the Ganesha idol and handed it to him. I waved him off when he tried to pay me.

‘All the best. Play well.’

He ran away with a smile.

My dreams of becoming a cricketer were squashed by corrupt selectors fifteen years ago. I murmured a small prayer to Ganesha that the current selectors valued talent more than money.

Anna – Elder Brother (in Tamil)

This piece of fiction is in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy. Image credit to Lavanya. Please find other entries to this week’s prompt here.



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