He was holed out in the dusty attic of his uncle’s house. He spent most of his days there, with his books and his cousin’s hand-me-down toys. He could hear his aunt complain about his messy hair and messier room, and his cousin chortling. He did not like it at his uncle’s. They didn’t hate him. But, they didn’t love him either. He was just a responsibility bestowed upon them by his dead parents. He noticed the streetlights flickering.

‘Any time now,’ He thought. ‘Hargrid will be here to take me away.’

Few days later, Barry Trotter was admitted into the local psychiatric facility.

Wednesday’s here and with it, yet another edition of Friday Fictioneers hosted by our gracious host, Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. This week’s picture prompt is from Dale Rogerson. Thank you Rochelle and Dale. Read other entries to this challenge, and  add your own here

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 


27 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Apparently the Barry Trotter books have sold over a million copies and rely a lot on toilet humour.
    But I like your ‘cleaner’ version. Maybe the next episode will feature his two friends, Lon Measly and Ermine Cringer 😉


  2. Haha nice twist. Never quite understood the vast appeal of the Harry Potter books – I bear them no ill, but do tend to roll my eyes at another bit of fan fiction. Enjoyed the refreshing change.


  3. Dear Varad,

    Well written. I could see him in the dusty attic and hear the voices. I have to admit I had to Google Barry Trotter. I’ve never read Harry Potter nor have I seen more than a movie trailer.




  4. Haha, brilliant! By the end of the first paragraph I thought, “This sounds like Harry Potter’s home situation.” Poor Barry. Hopefully he’ll get the help he needs. We all know there’s no such thing as wizards.

    *Does the shifty eyes thing and slinks away*


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