The Perfect Gift


‘What you doing?’

‘Making a birthday day gift for Kara.’


‘Yeah! I wanted to make something instead of buying off the shelf.’

‘Very romantic, and unique. What are you making then?’

‘I’m penning a poem.’

‘Ah! Creative.’

‘Keep the sarcasm to yourself, mate. I’m writing a miniature poem.’

‘Even better! A small poem. Wouldn’t a pendant from Swarovski be better?’

‘Miniature poem is not a small poem, you moron! I’m writing a poem in a very small piece of paper.’

‘Ok. So, the poem will be big, but your writing will be small. That it?’

‘Yeah. I’ve been at it for six hours now.’

‘Awesome! Can I read it?’

‘Sure, here!’

‘Your writing’s illegible, dude.’

‘Ah! That’s where this little beauty comes in.’

‘A magnifying glass?’

‘Yup! A vintage one at that.’

‘So, your gift is a tiny piece of paper and an old glass! Dude, how cheap can you get?’

‘Cheap? You would think that… On second thought, your sister is so much like you. C’mon, let’s hit the gift shop.’

Word Count: 172

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by Priceless Joy. Please add your entries and read others’ here. 

Image credit: Goroyboy



  1. People tend to appreciate homemade gifts, even if they aren’t “perfect.” I draw a cartoon every year for my wife’s birthday. This years is still on the refrigerator.

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