The IQ of Losers


The two men watched in amiable silence from one of the ornate windows of Trinity Hall. Down in the grounds, students were spreading blankets and setting cameras on tripods as they got ready to witness and capture the oncoming meteor shower.

‘I’d give almost anything to be in one of those blankets,’ the frail man on the wheel chair mumbled. ‘I wish I had become a photographer. Not that it’d have helped now, would it?’

‘Why do you say that? A man of your IQ would be wasted behind a camera.’

Stephen Hawking smiled, his facial nerves twitching, ‘People who boast about their IQ are losers.’

R.I.P. Professor Stephen Hawking

This is a piece of fiction that may or may not have happened in real life. But the last quote is by the great man himself. I have read his ‘A Brief History of Time’ and ‘Black Holes and Baby Universes’ and have tremendously enjoyed doing so. A man who achieved despite his limitations, Professor Hawking is an inspiration to everyone. 

Written in response to the weekly Friday Fictioneers hosted by our lovely host Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. Please read other entries here. Picture credit: Ted Strutz. 


25 thoughts on “The IQ of Losers

  1. well done!! nice tribute – and also did not know that quote – it is a good one and shows how cool SH was..

    “People who boast about their IQ are losers…”


  2. Thank you for the tribute to Stephen Hawking. I have thought about writing something but felt anything I could write is quite inadequate or has already been said. A close school friend of mine has been living with ALS for the last five years and knowing what that is doing to her life both in terms of suffering but also in terms of fighting with dignity and being one of the most courageous people I know. She is also an academic and has become an outspoken advocate for MND, disability rights etc. So, this makes Stephen Hawkings death very personal as he meant so much to my friend, and in particular, her young daughter.
    xx Rowena


  3. Very well done. I think there are going to be a few tributes this week, with the passing away of the great mind and the nature of the photo used for the prompt.


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