A is for Absent Minded – #AtoZ2018


‘I don’t remember, Inspector.’ He cupped his forehead with his hands in frustration, ‘She always called me absent-minded.’

Inspector Kay shrugged, ‘I see it simple. You injected your wife with an overdose of insulin. She died.’

‘But, she needed intravenous insulin therapy,’ He protested. ‘Type-2 diabetes. I begged her to reduce her weight. We regularly fought over the issue.’

‘Your neighbors say that you and your wife fought a lot?’

‘We did argue a bit, but who doesn’t?’

‘Very convenient,’ Kay grunted.

‘Convenient? I have a poor memory, Inspector. What happened was an accident.’

‘I’m pretty sure your attorney will get you off on technicality citing your memory, but what happened was premeditated murder. You just happened to forget to close your wife’s IV line, eh?’

He hung his head down. Kay wouldn’t understand. No one would. His memory was bad – so bad that he didn’t even remember whether he loved his wife or hated her.





    1. Even if there is a slight possibility of a medical condition, the lie detector test results can be waived off. Especially, if he has a great lawyer. Thanks for the comment, Sreedeep.


    1. Thank you for the comment, Shipra. I’ve seen my share of people who are absent minded. Not a great situation, definitely.


    1. Thank you. The finishing line was the first thing that came to my mind and I just had to write a story leading up to it.


  1. Very good Varad. Absent Minded, suffering depression (another cause), losing his mind, lying to us in his version of events, actually suffering from mental degeneration. All possibilities that leave us guessing…which is a good sign of quality writing. Looking forward to more now as this challenge progresses.

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  2. I’m a little confused. Absent-mindedness and bad memory aren’t the same thing, right? He may have been right about the injection part but how could he not remember he loved his wife or not?

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    1. He might be suffering from some degenerative memory loss or he might just be lying. All he does is use the word his wife used to call him to save his neck. I’ll leave the interpretation to you 🙂


    1. Thanks, Neel. This is just a standalone piece. I might visit it later. I didn’t want to chain myself to one particular story or genre for AtoZ.

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  3. Varad, I really enjoyed this, especially the twist and the last line. My hope is that this guy’s no longer on the road and if so, doesn’t live anywhere near me!
    Best wishes,

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  4. Such a dicey situation. Wish to believe that he really is facing some serious brainware issue!
    Gripping, intense and captivating story, Varad.

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    1. Yes! He is having some issues, but what exactly is he facing is something he needs to address. Thanks for the comment, Anagha.


    1. Maybe he’s suffering from something else he’s interpreted as absent mindedness. I’ll leave it to your imagination. Thanks for the comment, Anurag

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  5. A grand last line ‘…. he didn’t ever remember whether he loved his wife or hated her’. It’s amazing how you created such great mystery and suspense for your readers with those few words. Superb storytelling, Varad. Look forward to a month of reading joy at your blog.

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