B is for Boss – #AtoZ2018


Let me tell you about Bhaskar aka Boss!

Boss was someone who you could call a lifer. For well over forty years, he’s been employed at the same company. In those forty years the management has changed, the owners have changed, the technology has changed, heck even the products the company made have changed. But not Boss. He’s been the one constant amidst all the changes.

Boss loved a bet; Oh, how he liked a bet!

Don’t take me the wrong way. Boss never gambled. But he loved to bet.

He’d bet you ten bucks on a particular person coming late to office; he’d bet a fiver on whether chilli bajji would be available on a particular day at the office cafeteria. All his bets were on harmless things.

Boss was nearing his retirement. He stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the technology-savvy younger generation who, unfortunately, had to call him their colleague. Boss was always there with a wisecrack to diffuse a potential bloodbath or a warm word to comfort someone in pain. He was like the typically intrusive uncle you could find in almost every family. Boss never hesitated to contribute to the needy. To him, the company was one big family. You could always go to him with any problem. He’d try his best to help you. No one hated Boss. In fact, they all loved him.

That’s why I killed him first!

At least, he won’t be around to feel sad for the other rat bastards in my company. I grin and turn my automatic rifle towards them.




    1. Thank you, SM. I didn’t want it to sound like a story about the last few minutes of a nutjob (at least, at the beginning) glad it worked for you.


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