B is for Boss – #AtoZ2018


Let me tell you about Bhaskar aka Boss!

Boss was someone who you could call a lifer. For well over forty years, he’s been employed at the same company. In those forty years the management has changed, the owners have changed, the technology has changed, heck even the products the company made have changed. But not Boss. He’s been the one constant amidst all the changes.

Boss loved a bet; Oh, how he liked a bet!

Don’t take me the wrong way. Boss never gambled. But he loved to bet.

He’d bet you ten bucks on a particular person coming late to office; he’d bet a fiver on whether chilli bajji would be available on a particular day at the office cafeteria. All his bets were on harmless things.

Boss was nearing his retirement. He stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the technology-savvy younger generation who, unfortunately, had to call him their colleague. Boss was always there with a wisecrack to diffuse a potential bloodbath or a warm word to comfort someone in pain. He was like the typically intrusive uncle you could find in almost every family. Boss never hesitated to contribute to the needy. To him, the company was one big family. You could always go to him with any problem. He’d try his best to help you. No one hated Boss. In fact, they all loved him.

That’s why I killed him first!

At least, he won’t be around to feel sad for the other rat bastards in my company. I grin and turn my automatic rifle towards them.



  1. That was a great story! Whole life of boss in just few words, unbelievable. And I didn’t see that ending coming, nice twist.

    God when will I learn to be a writer of few words! I really can’t express a story like you did.

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    1. Thank you, Medha for your very kind words. No one is a born writer. We have to hone our craft. I’ve been lucky to come across few weekly flash fiction challenges that have helped me fine tune. I’d be very glad to share those links with you. 🙂


  2. I read your ending as being humourous rather than literally killing the boss and the character’s ‘automatic rifle’ as their blog rather than weaponry – hope you don’t mind! I’ll return another time for another A to Z read. happy writing & best wishes.

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  3. Wow.. the twist was sharper than a roller coaster.. truly packed a punch! Loved it and got immediately hooked to the intrigue… fantastic read!

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  4. A good plot twist can add dramatic flair to your story. However, writing an interesting twist can be a difficult task. Really liked how you handled B for Boss.

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    1. It was not the Boss who flipped the switch. It was everyone else. Boss unfortunately was present that day. Thanks for dropping by, Subroto


    1. Thanks, Natasha. That was the whole point of this story. To a psycho, it doesn’t matter if the guy in front of him is good or bad. Once he snaps, they’re all just targets.

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    1. Haha! not that much of an appetite. The narrator is a psychopath. In his eyes, everyone in the office had to go including Boss. Thanks for the comment, Varsh


  5. I didn’t know your theme is stories with a twist, so your ending was a double whammy for me. Well written – great character sketch of the outdated boss. Poor man – I felt for him.

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    1. I really believe that short fictions should end with a twist. Maybe, it’s because I grew up on O.Henry and Roald Dahl that I like to write stories that have a twist ending. Thanks for the comment, Jai.


  6. OMG, I was starting to feel this is a warm, fuzzy story with an expected bit of office bickering when you turned it all on its head. Nicely done!

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  7. On topic it’s todays world in some countries sadly. You never quite know the mind behind the smiling face. To pollute a famous Oppenheimer quote, I am smiles, the destroyer of trust.

    Good twist at the end.

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    1. That is so true. There’s a fine thread holding sane people from tripping into the chasm of insanity. Sadly, the thread is snapping in a lot of them these days. Thanks for the comment and that fantastic quote, Gary.

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      1. Well put, a thread that is unwinding and stating to fall apart. I fear this is possibly a soap box topic. That and a post or two!


    1. Quite possible. A school kid recently shot the principal of his school dead in Haryana recently. Such is the precarious times we live in. You never know who’s gonna end up a gun-toting psycho.


      1. Great effort and, haven’t we all thought of “killing” our boss and going out on our own to write and be our own “Boss”?

        Thanks for writing,

        Sarah Butland
        author of Blood Day, Brain Tales and Being Grateful, Being Thankful


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