E is for Epicharikaky – #AtoZ2018


He looked at his somber reflection on the old mirror stained with age and neglect. A short, gaunt man in a loose-fitting black suit stared back at him. He flattened his disobedient hair that was thinning anyway and straightened the lapels of his borrowed suit.

As he was about to go out he saw the solitary frame picture on the nearby wall. It had been taken fifteen years ago, on the last day of his schooling. The three of them stood in front of their school, grinning at the camera. There he was, thin as ever, flanked by his best friend and the girl he liked – who coincidentally would go onto marry his best friend four years after the photograph was taken.

He was the first to ask her out. She had declined him politely and with a lot of grace. She told him that she had fallen for his best friend. They all remained friends afterwards. But, from then on, he was a specter, a silent shadow in the background as their relationship bloomed. He was the best man at their wedding, and the Godfather to their son.

Now, his best friend had died in a freak accident at work. He smiled ruefully at their younger images and walked to the Church for his friend’s funeral.

His breath caught in his throat on seeing her – a black-clad angel of beauty and sorrow. She flew into his arms and he held her as she cried her heart out. He held her hand as they lowered the coffin into the grave, tousled the unruly curls of their son, kissed the cheek of his best friend’s mother, said his goodbyes and walked back home.

His shirt was still damp from her tears and his palms warm from holding hers’. He walked into the local bar and ordered himself a gin and tonic. It felt surreal to him – his best friend, a 6’5” specimen of good health and vigour was no more. Fat help all the strenuous workouts did to him.

He felt sorry for their son, a mousy little runt. He vowed to spend more time with his Godson.

But first, he had to do something. Something, he had wanted to do for a long time. He looked around the bar. There were very few in, less than ten. He pulled out his wallet and counted the notes inside. Satisfied, he called out loud

‘This round is on me, friends. Drink up! Cheers!’

He would celebrate the bitch’s misfortune today.


  1. Oh my that was but mean and vindictive thought; wonder how he claims to be in love with her if those are his thoughts? Nicely done Varad – loving the tales you are spinning out everyday!


  2. There’s simply no way to know a human’s heart or mind for that matter. Nicely done. I wonder what he had made of himself, to be a friend to his best friend, wanting to be a good godfather, and yet somewhere always wishing her bad.


  3. Glad I didn’t check the meaning of the word until after I read the post. Love the story and thank you for adding an amazing word that was missing in my lexicon. To me a very natural emotion that maybe is getting lost in this social media world of likes and hearts…where no one shares their sorrows any more.


    1. No! He had nothing to do with his friend’s death. He actually feels sad for his death, but decides to celebrate the misery of the girl who spurned him. Tells a lot about his character, right?


  4. I was expecting him to either forgive her and live alone or marry her. Or, I also thought he is the one behind his friend’s death. But none! He simply celebrated? Not the kind of ending you gave to the previous ones.

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    1. Sometimes, the ending need not end with a huge bang, but with a small pop! The guy is a mousy character who bore his rejection in bitter silence too impotent to do anything about it. He was a good friend but a very bitter spurned lover.

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  5. I liked this one the best so far even though the ending was expected knowing your penchant for dark underthemes.😊 Well written overall …liked the build-up, narration and the unusual title

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Tina. I did write myself into a corner by selecting this theme. Maybe I will write a story without any twists and that might be the twist 😀

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