G is for Ghost – #AtoZ2018


Her high heels make a rhythmic clickety-clack sound, which increases in tempo as she picks up pace. I love that sound her heels make. It’s like heartbeat… clickety-clack….thump-thump…

Ok! I’m not a despo! Please get that into your heads. If you cannot enjoy the different forms of music, well, I can’t help you!

The road is forlorn, despite the flickering street lights. Would it hurt her to pick a different route to go home?

She turns her neck and gives a furtive glance behind. She cannot see me, but it doesn’t hurt to be too careful.

I still remember her from that day – beads of perspiration like dewdrops on a porcelain doll, face frozen in fear, rivulets of gorgeous tears streaming from her eyes, her body restrained by the seat belt of the damaged car, I was sure I saw an angel right before my death.

I would have loved to fall onto her feet and profess my undying love, but I’m dead. The dents of her car bear witness to the fatal wounds in my body.

It’s been nearly ten months, but I’m still bound to her – soul and ectoplasm. At times, I feel that she can sense me, but all I’ve got is furtive glances like the one before.

I can see that she’s almost on a trot now. The reason is not me. There are three shady characters who have started following her from the last street corner.

They pick their pace, she starts running, they start their running…. Time to reveal myself…

Suddenly, they scream and start running in the opposite direction! I laugh grotesquely, not that anyone can hear… But I made sure the three did see a ghastly version of my mangled body from the accident.

She’s now at a gallop, not that it takes me any effort to keep up with her.

She breathes a huge sigh of relief as she enters her apartment compound. The watchman gives her dirty stares, remind me to scare the pants off him tomorrow.

I keep up with her till she reaches her apartment and changes for the night. Hey! Don’t blame me for the small pleasures I’m left with now.

I sigh as she goes to sleep.

This has been my routine for the past year, well except the one day I had to kill her husband for ignoring the signal and ploughing her car into me, killing me.

Good night, lovely one! I’ll be right here!

Note: changed slightly to amp up the creepiness 😁


  1. Yet another excellent story from you Varad, only that this time it was spooky and the twist had elements which made my hold my breath and laugh too !

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  2. As I ended reading this amazing story, my mind applauded the twist but more than that I loved how you colored the character of the ghost, Grey. On one hand, the ghost protects the lady from the people following her and on the other hand, he made her a widow. I can simply say WOW!!!

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    1. We, humans, are insanely complex creatures who live our entirety in grey. I guess our ghosts won’t be any different as well. Except those filmy ghosts, maybe! Thanks for the comment, Preeti. Glad you liked the story 🙂

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  3. Who would have seen that coming Varad. And I love ghost/horror stories and movies. This is so well written. Kudos again.


    April Anecdotes
    Goblins Gnomes and Gypsy Spirits

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    1. Maybe I should have put a disclaimer in the beginning saying this is a horror story. Thanks for the comment, Sushma. I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable in anyway.


  4. Well written 🙂 And I was thinking the first time he saw her was right before dying. Like how the closing lines changes the tone of entire write up before.

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    1. He was not stalking him before death. He just started after her husband plowed their car into him. Thanks for the comment and continuous support, Iain. Onward and upward! 🙂

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    1. I was actually intending the story to be more creepy than anything! Seems like it hasn’t come across. Thanks for the comment, Akshata.


  5. Usually I stay away from ghost stories. I want to sleep peacefully at night, you see! But this one… I LOVED!!
    May I suggest something? Why don’t you make it a full length novella kind using the rest of the letters? I want to know what happened earlier and what happens next!
    Superb one, Varad! Too good! 👍👍

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    1. Thanks, Shilpa. I’d have loved to make it a novella, but most of my other posts are already written. Maybe, I’ll revisit this story later.


  6. This was creepy.. I am so happy that i did not read it yesterday night. Amazing story varad and so far the best one from your bag..

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      1. Aha…now I detest him for killing her husband and for his voyeurism.

        Not if I were him though…maybe if I was in his place I’d make it difficult for you to write a story that anyone would feel comfortable reading :p

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          1. I’ve written something on Ghouls too…a whole lot of ghouls actually. Hope you like it.


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