O is for Once More – #AtoZ2018


I trudge along the muddy path carrying my beloved’s corpse. The inky starless sky reflects my mind perfectly. There’s a storm blowing inside me. I stumble on the uneven ground and almost drop her, but I land hard on my right knee instead to prevent that from happening. I let out a howl of pain and rage into the silent night. Somewhere a wolf or a fox or something entirely else picks up my howl and joins in turning the sound into something evil. My blood freezes at that soul-churning sound. I nearly lose my nerve and run away from this horrible place, but I take one look at her and move ahead with a grunt.

I look at her – drenched in blood, a single bullet hole on her forehead. I break down in anguish. Why did she have to die? The moon peeps from behind the clouds and bathes her face with an ethereal glow. She looks so beautiful and so very dead.

Not for long! Not if I can do something about it!

I climb up the broken stone steps and reach the abandoned cemetery. I learned about this place from the old crone who lives in the house next to ours. She did warn me that I will get back all of my sweetheart and yet nothing of her. Well I’m prepared to take my chances. I’ve seen the best of her, and I’ve seen the worst of her. Nothing can faze me anymore.

I dig a shallow grave under the sixth palm tree from the last tombstone on the west. I lay her into the muddy confines of the grave and shovel dirt in, muttering the words belonging to a strange, harsh tongue the crone had taught me. I sit down near her temporary resting place and begin my wait.

I think back to the first day I saw her, four years ago. She was wearing a white skirt and a simple blue blouse. I was smitten. I pursued her relentlessly for months, proving her at last that I was worth wasting her time on. Memories come cascading – our first date, our first kiss, the first time we made love, the second time we made love, the third time…. Ok I think you get it.

What went wrong? We were so desperately in love with each other.

The clock strikes midnight. The grave starts to rumble. I smile in anticipation.

A slender hand appears through the earth.

Other memories come rushing in too – our first nasty fight, the first time I woke up and saw the bed empty next to me, the image of her in bed with him!

Both hands are out now. They grip the mud for purchase as they try to propel her svelte body outside.

I slip my carving knife out. I’m gonna take my  sweet time this time.

Killing her once wasn’t enough.





  1. Oh I was thinking of all kinds of twists, but not that one. You got me! Nice 🙂

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  2. That hand coming out reminds me of the movie Friday the 13th. The whole story is creepy enough to be a short version of Friday the 13th. Just think if the hand comes out and grabs the knife from him and sticks it into his stomach!

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  3. Holy moly who would have seen that coming. That’s one heck of a medley of romance, love lost and suspense thriller.
    Words fail me Varad. Don’t wait any longer to publish your book. You are more than just skillful at the art. You are sheer genius.


  4. Holy moly who would have seen that coming. That’s one heck of a medley of romance, love lost and suspense thriller.
    Words fail me Varad. Don’t wait any longer to publish your book. You are more than just skillful at the art. You are sheet genius.

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  5. A great twist on the old fairytale/horror trope of bringing a loved one back from the dead only for the magic to go horribly wrong. I know it’s horrific but I grinned at that last line. Thank you.

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  6. That was an eerie, creepy and chilling tale. And the end killed me too, to think of the expressions on the protagonist’s face.

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  7. The master (read Varad) strikes again.As Sonia said even I would love to see your thriller on the bookstand. Remember long back I had said you are the Stephen King of Flash Fiction.

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  8. Oh damn! It gives a totally different meaning to “once more”. I hope he finds it worth it to go through all the trouble. Creepy enough!

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    1. Some people can never get enough of anything. Maybe I’ll write a little sequel to this. Thanks for the comment, Shweta.


  9. Reading this at midnight was indeed scary. You really know how to keep your readers on the edge. Someday soon I am sure I am going to see that thriller written by you on the book stands. Needless to say that I will be one of your first readers then. Awesome work Varad.

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    1. This is very high praise, Sonia. Thank you very much 🙂 It’s been a little less than a year since I started writing consistently. I feel I need some more time to hone my craft before thinking of publishing. Hope I reach there some day.


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