A steaming cuppa on one hand and his mobile, clutched at an angle so that he could read the emails and also look ahead, on the other – just another 8 AM juggling act as he navigates his way through his fellow corporate zombies.

Lately, he’d been feeling an acute sense of burnout. He was not enjoying his dream job. The elation of success was slowly being replaced by apathy.

A thud! The cup of coffee goes tumbling along with his smartphone. He scrambles after the latter, picks it up and looks up with indignation at his assaulter. It’s just another suit, with a similar frown scrambling for her mobile. Spilled coffee and iced-tea make a weird modern art on the floor.

They mumble their apologies and head their own ways. He glances at his Rado wristwatch, a token of appreciation from his seniors. He makes a decision. He removes the watch and decides to throw it when a beep from his smartphone interrupts.

The congratulatory message confirms his promotion. He wears his watch and sprints to work.

Word Count: 175

Written for the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s prompt is from Enisa. Please find other entries to Week 166 here


22 thoughts on “Decisions!

  1. This has actually happened with me moons ago. I accidentally bumped into someone, no, something – A street light while messaging. Grrr..

    But, the workaholic in us and the demanding nature of our jobs sure pushes us to ignore our health and run for everything. A rat’s race it is.

    Nice fiction, Varad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately, it is the case in today’s world. We are defined by what we possess and not by what we are. No wonder they call it vicious cycle. Thanks for the comment, Rrohan


  2. Varad I thought you were on a writing break. You are churning stories like there is no tomorrow.
    I feel so inadequate when I see so many bloggers including you back to their writing groove. While I’m still basking in the AtoZ glory and working on finalising the e-book.
    Salute !


  3. And so the cycle continues or perhaps he just needed a reminder that his work matters? Once the new of the promotion wears off, he’ll probably feel the burnout again.


  4. We know we need to give some time and attention to our personal lives, to people around us, but the workaholic within us seldom allows us that luxury. Wonder what we achieve from all this rushing around. This is the only Life we have!


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