She trailed a lazy finger along the contours of his stubble covered chin, ‘Let me tell you a story…’

‘You know, I didn’t allow you inside my quarters to listen to your stupid story.’

She shrugged her robe off and straddled him, ‘Oh, you better listen!’

He grabbed her hair and pulled her into a scorching kiss, ‘Or else?’

She removed her blouse and threw it away, ‘You won’t realise what you’d have missed.’

He sighed and propped his head with an elbow, ‘Alright! I’m intrigued. Tell me the story.’

Her face lit up with a wicked grin as her hands moved down to his trousers, ‘Not a long time ago, there were two girls who were best friends. Let’s call them Juliet and Rosaline.’ She undid his belt and threw it away, ‘They lived in a small village, not far from here, in the war-torn district. Juliet’s parents were well known revolutionaries who motivated others to join their cause. They were gunned down during an enemy raid. Juliet was just eight then. Rosaline was seven years older and she took the grieving girl under her wing. She was not only her friend, but almost like a mother to her.’

‘Your story is boring…Ah! Why the hell did you bite me?’

Her eyes reflected burning embers and twinkled with mischief and something else he couldn’t place. ‘Don’t interrupt, alright? I won’t be gentle next time.’

He nodded. She continued, her hands and lips moving in a perfect symphony.

‘Rosaline loved Juliet with all her heart. They loved hiking in the nearby mountains and foraging for food in the woods. Juliet saw it all as an adventure, something to get her mind far away from the cold-blooded murder of her parents. Things actually were going well for a while. The resistance went into hiding. The enemy even saw it fit to ignore their village for a while. Although, the odd girl went missing only to turn up few days later in the woods – savagely mutilated. The village bore such occasional atrocities in mute silence. Rosaline was very protective of Juliet and wouldn’t allow her to wander off on her own. Everything changed, when he came into their lives.’ She spat out the next words, ‘Romeo! Rosaline’s Romeo!’

She stood up abruptly and walked to his liquor cabinet and poured herself a stiff drink. He looked at her with a mixture of frustration and fascination in his eyes. She downed the drink, shed the rest of her clothes, slid into the bed and rested her head on his chest.

‘Rosaline found Romeo seriously injured and close to death in the woods. She dragged him home with Juliet’s help and they nursed him back to health. Romeo was much older than Rosaline, but she was smitten. He was one of the leaders of the rebels and the enemy had placed a large bounty for his head. He was educated, genial, well-travelled and looked like an emaciated Greek God. He spoke of the war and how the enemy was oppressing the whole country, and not just the village. He spoke of the atrocities committed and the resources that were being drained. His words had a profound effect on Juliet and he inturn was thrilled to learn that she was the daughter of two of the most respected revolutionaries of their time. She hung on to his words and they often spoke by the fireplace late into the night. Rosaline was happy to see that Juliet had, at last, found a father figure. She dreamt of a day, when the war was long over, and the three of them together as a family. Until…’

She turned on her side and stared into his eyes. He was taken aback by what he saw in them. Her hands moved to his boxers, ‘…until one day she came back and found Romeo in bed with Juliet. After all the sacrifices she had made, Rosaline felt betrayed by Juliet. She was engulfed by a flame of righteous fury…’

She ripped his boxers off and mounted him. He grunted and let her ride him, ‘… and then Rosaline came to see the enemy.’


‘Tomorrow morning, Romeo and Juliet are planning to travel to the Capital to meet the other leaders of the resistance. Romeo is in his secret location in the woods. Rosaline will be taking Juliet to meet him there.’

Her lips curved into a smile dripping with malice. He matched her smile and they started again.


  1. Rosaline had HUGE reasons to give into her spite. I was a little confused about the story outside of the dialogue. Were they connected to Romeo, Juliet, and Rosalind in some way? Why were they having sex during the telling of this tale?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s no connection to the Shakespeare tragedy other than the lady using their names to make her point. She has snuck into the enemy’s camp to seduce the officer to make him listen to her story thereby leading to her endgame. Thanks for the interesting prompt and the comment, Nathan


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