The Wrong Bowl

Inder grinned as the little plant’s leaves unfurled. His decades of research had borne fruit at last. This was the first step in growing flora without soil.

The nuclear war of ’99 had made the whole of earth a radioactive wasteland unfit for vegetation. Without plants, all life forms were at the brink of extinction.

Not for long. He had successfully cultivated this plant on a glass bowl. Next step was to present his plant and apply for funding for a large scale implementation.

The next day, his angry wife was waiting with an empty bowl.

‘How many times should I tell you? Never use my kitchenware for your wacky experiments!’

Written for the weekly Friday fictioneers challenge hosted by our gracious host, Rochelle. Please find other entries to this week’s challenge here.

My e-book ‘Tales with a Twist’ containing my short stories is available for free download on a limited basis. You can download it from here. Do read it and let me know if you liked the tales. Thank you.



  1. Oops, sounds like this couple need to improve their communication if the human race is to survive.


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