TECHNOLOGY [An Acrostic]

Tooth that is blue, teaching the value of sharing

Everyday life made simple, all with a click

Countries and continents, a ping away

Hours of entertainment blanket

Nuggets of wisdom accrued from the videos

Online we go, to earn and spend. Is that

Love you need?

Oh yeah, got it from all four corners of the world too

Global village is our realm

Yet we remain, aliens in the same room



  1. your poems are very thoughtful varad. This acrostic arouses a lot of questions. while technology is a boon it is equally a curse sometimes when we have to communicate with hubby and kid inside four walls in WhatsApp.

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    1. Thank you, Deepa. What you say is true. We have regressed in our active social lives and instead are playing out a virtual social presence. State of our present reality.

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  2. Rightly described. That is how technology has changed the world. While technology did build bridges between places far and wide but it also had a negative impact on human relationships.

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