Architect of Destruction


Give me five

and fifty millennia, I will

invent the wheel

tame fire

take baby steps towards

evolution and

drive magnificent beasts to



Give me five

thousand years, I will

build cities

of opulence and grandeur and

pave their streets of hubris

with nature and its debris

conquer the seven seas

create and develop fine

arts and instruments

of war. I will create

gods, I am a God!


Give me five

hundred years, I will

wage holy wars

for religion and trade

supremacy over my

fellow Gods, the beauty

of this world unmade.


Give me five

decades, I will

split an atom and its nucleus

use it

to cure and destroy

diseases and denizens

struck down with

God’s might, or

Human spite?


Give me five

years, I will

vote in, vote out

fools and charlatans

I am the

patron saint of fake puritans


Give me five

days, I will

create a sensation

for eyeballs

real issues flushed

down the loo

TRP ratings my Gita,

Bible and Quran too


Give me five

minutes, I will

plunge a rusty knife,

fire a bullet,

plough a car, or just

fling some acid

anything for love,

 money, or lust

satiate my inner beast


Give me five

seconds, I will

hurl an abuse

send a nasty

tweet, and hide

behind my keyboard

a modern day warrior

a social media knight



Give me five

million years,

the Universe awaits

its architect





  1. That was simply fantastic. Taking us back in time in fives. That is indeed a new and profound new meaning for the term give me five. Your take on the prompt is unique.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Humanity is heading to self inflicted auto immune disease of corroding itself. Time, the most dispassionate of all, records tiniest of imprints, but then who is bothered to check them and reflect upon? Definitely not the human race. Nothing can stop us from day of doom. Thankfully I will not be alive in this avatar to witness it!
    Profound creation Varad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We, humans, have this propensity of destroying everything and tagging it under evolution. You said it right, glad we won’t be around to see the nadir of this ‘evolution.’

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You leave me speechless. What a unique take on the prompt and the way you have defined the incidents in various time range is mind blowing. I’ve always been fascinated by your writings but your Bar-A-Thon poetry has really surpassed all the previous benchmarks.

    Liked by 1 person

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